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Where Quantum Computing and Supercomputing Meet

The Bavarian Quantum Computing eXchange (BQCX) was founded at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in July 2019 with several strategic objectives in mind to:

  • Understand the academic, industrial and institutional interests around quantum computing and the intersect of classical and quantum systems; 
  • Leverage LRZ’s reputation for attracting top-notch field experts and companies to present to the local quantum community for increased market landscape awareness; 
  • Provide community members opportunities to highlight their work and network for collaboration partnerships;
  • Form focus groups and conduct in-depth analysis of the Bavarian ecosystem’s needs in the short, mid and long term;
  • Take feedback from the community to make the best-informed decisions on resource procurement, service development, educational offerings and institutional applied research.

The BQCX has members from our Bavarian universities, research organizations and industrial partners. We fully support our fellow organizations and efforts across the state and in Munich.

Our efforts include:

  • Tech scouting for trend and market analysis in industry
  • Strategic relationship building for amplified research impact and collaboration
  • User analyses for short, mid and long-range needs assessments in order to deliver the most impactful resources and services
  • Delivering academic educational courses to complement university curriculum and (future) vocational training to train needed quantum technologists

All those with an interest to support and advance Bavaria’s position as a global leader in quantum computing and technologies are welcome become a member! Sign up today and join the conversation!

Contact us at for more information.

Laura Schulz, Head of strategic development and partnerships
Luigi Iapichino, Quantum Lead

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